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$\mathscr{L}$-invariants of Artin motives

  title={\$\mathscr\{L\}\$-invariants of Artin motives},
  author={Mladen Dimitrov and Alexandre Maksoud},
. We compute Benois L -invariants of weight 1 cuspforms and of their adjoint representations and show how this extends Gross’ p -adic regulator to Artin motives which are not critical in the sense of Deligne. Benois’ construction depends on the choice of a regular submodule which is well understood when the representation is p -regular, as it then amounts to the choice of a “motivic” p -refinement. The situation is dramatically different in the p -irregular case, where the regular submodules are… 



On Extra Zeros of p -Adic L -Functions: The Crystalline Case

We formulate a conjecture about extra zeros of p-adic L-functions at near central points which generalizes the conjecture formulated in Benois (Am J Math 133:1573–1632, 2011) to include non-critical

Nearly ordinary Galois deformations over arbitrary number fields

Abstract Let K be an arbitrary number field, and let ρ : Gal($\math{\bar{K}}$/K) → GL2(E) be a nearly ordinary irreducible geometric Galois representation. In this paper, we study the nearly ordinary

Th\'eorie d'Iwasawa des motifs d'Artin et des formes modulaires de poids 1.

Let $p$ be an odd prime. We study the structure of the cyclotomic Greenberg-Selmer group attached to a general irreducible Artin motive over $\mathbb{Q}$ endowed with an ordinary $p$-stabilization.

On p-Adic Artin L-Functions II

Let p be a prime. Iwasawa’s famous conjecture relating Kubota-Leopoldt p-adic L-functions to the structure of certain Galois groups has been proven by Mazur and Wiles in Mazur and Wiles (1984). Wiles

A geometric view on Iwasawa theory

These notes expand on the presentation given by the second author at the Iwasawa 2019 conference in Bordeaux of our joint work on the geometry of the $p$-adic eigencurve at a weight one CM form $f$

Derived Beilinson–Flach elements and the arithmetic of the adjoint of a modular form

Kings, Lei, Loeffler and Zerbes constructed a three-variable Euler system $\kappa({\bf g},{\bf h})$ of Beilinson-Flach elements associated to a pair of Hida families $({\bf g},{\bf h})$ and exploited

Factorization of p-adic Rankin L-series

We prove that the p-adic L-series of the tensor square of a p-ordinary modular form factors as the product of the symmetric square p-adic L-series of the form and a Kubota–Leopoldt p-adic L-series.

Gross–Stark units and p-adic iterated integrals attached to modular forms of weight one

This article can be read as a companion and sequel to the authors’ earlier article on Stark points and p-adic iterated integrals attached to modular forms of weight one, which proposes a conjectural