$\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric ladders with a scattering core

  title={\$\mathcal\{PT\}\$-symmetric ladders with a scattering core},
  author={Jennie D’Ambroise and Stefano Lepri and Boris A. Malomed and Panayotis G. Kevrekidis},
  journal={Physics Letters A},
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Nonlinear waves in PT -symmetric systems

The concept of parity-time symmetric systems is rooted in non-Hermitian quantum mechanics where complex potentials obeying this symmetry could exhibit real spectra. The concept has applications in



Asymmetric wave propagation through nonlinear PT-symmetric oligomers

In the present paper, we consider nonlinear PT-symmetric dimers and trimers (more generally, oligomers) embedded within a linear Schrödinger lattice. We examine the stationary states of such chains

Nonreciprocal Wave Propagation Through Open, Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Dimers

We consider asymmetric (nonreciprocal) wave transmission through a layered nonlinear, non mirror-symmetric system described by the one-dimensional Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger equation with

Nonlinear modes in finite-dimensional PT-symmetric systems.

It is shown that the equivalence of the underlying linear spectra does not imply similarity of the structure or stability of the nonlinear modes in the arrays, and a graph representation of PT-symmetric networks is used allowing for a simple illustration of linearly equivalent networks and indicating their possible experimental design.

Asymmetric wave propagation in nonlinear systems.

A class of exact extended solutions is constructed such that waves with the same frequency and incident amplitude impinging from left and right directions have very different transmission coefficients.

Stationary localized states due to a nonlinear dimeric impurity embedded in a perfect one-dimensional chain

The formation of stationary localized states due to a power law nonlinear dimeric impurity embedded in a perfect one-dimensional chain is studied here using the appropriate discrete nonlinear

Spontaneous symmetry breaking in Schrödinger lattices with two nonlinear sites

We introduce discrete systems in the form of straight (infinite) and ring-shaped chains, with two symmetrically placed nonlinear sites. The systems can be implemented in nonlinear optics (as

Symmetry breaking and restoring wave transmission in diode-antidiode double chains.

  • S. LepriB. Malomed
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2013
We introduce a system of two parallel-coupled discrete nonlinear Schrödinger inhomogeneous chains. Each one favors the unidirectional transmission of incident packets, in the opposite directions with

A Study of The Formation of Stationary Localized States Due to Nonlinear Impurities Using The Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

The Discrete Nonlinear Schr$\ddot{o}$dinger Equation is used to study the formation of stationary localized states due to a single nonlinear impurity in a Caley tree and a dimeric nonlinear impurity

Scattering of linear and nonlinear waves in a waveguide array with a PT-symmetric defect

We study the scattering of linear and nonlinear waves in a long waveguide array with a parity-time (PT)-symmetric defect created by two waveguides with balanced gain and loss. We present exact

Scattering of the discrete solitons on the -symmetric defects

We study the propagation of linear waves and solitons in an array of optical waveguides with an embedded defect created by a pair of waveguides with gain and loss satisfying the so-called parity-time