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$\imath$Schur Duality and Kazhdan-Lusztig basis expanded

  title={\$\imath\$Schur Duality and Kazhdan-Lusztig basis expanded},
  author={Yaolong Shen and Weiqiang Wang},
Expanding the classic work of Kazhdan-Lusztig and Deodhar, we establish bar involutions and canonical (i.e., quasi-parabolic KL) bases on quasi-permutation modules over the type B Hecke algebra, where the bases are parameterized by cosets of (possibly non-parabolic) reflection subgroups of the Weyl group of type B. We formulate an ıSchur duality between an ıquantum group of type AIII (allowing black nodes in its Satake diagram) and a Hecke algebra of type B acting on a tensor space, providing a… 
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here l(w) is the length of w. In the case where Wis a Weyl group and q is specialized to a fixed prime power, | ~ can be interpreted as the algebra of intertwining operators of the space of functions
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