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$\displaystyle \delta$-Primary Elements In Lattice Modules

  title={\$\displaystyle \delta\$-Primary Elements In Lattice Modules},
  author={A.V.Bingi and C.S.Manjarekar},
In this paper, we introduce the expansion function δ on an L-module M . We define and investigate a δ-primary element in an L-module M . Its characterizations and many of its properties are obtained. δ0-primary and δ1-primary elements of an L-module M are related with 2-absorbing, 2-absorbing primary elements of an L-module M to obtain their special properties. The element δ1(N) ∈ M is related to rad(N) ∈ M , the radical element of M to obtain its properties where N ∈ M . We define a δL-primary… 


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