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$\Delta B=2$ neutron decay into antiproton mode $n\to \bar pe^+\nu(\bar\nu)$

  title={\$\Delta B=2\$ neutron decay into antiproton mode \$n\to \bar pe^+\nu(\bar\nu)\$},
  author={Xiao-Gang He and Xiao-Dong Ma},
We discuss the unique baryon number violation by two units neutron decay mode $n\to \bar p e^+\chi$, with $\chi$ being the standard model (SM) neutrino $\nu$ or antineutrino $\bar\nu$ or any beyond SM light fermion, in the framework of effective field theory. This mode is kinematically allowed but rarely discussed theoretically or searched for experimentally. We estimate the lower bound on its partial lifetime from that of the dinucleon decay $np\to e^+\chi$ per oxygen nucleus $^{16}$O set by…