$$GL(V)$$GL(V)-invariant Ulrich bundles on Grassmannians

  title={\$\$GL(V)\$\$GL(V)-invariant Ulrich bundles on Grassmannians},
  author={Laura Costa and Rosa Mar{\'i}a Mir{\'o}-Roig},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
In this paper, we give a full classification of all homogeneous Ulrich bundles on a Grassmannian $${{\mathrm{Gr}}}(k,n)$$Gr(k,n) of $$k$$k-planes on $$\mathbb {P}^n$$Pn. 

Special Ulrich bundles on regular Weierstrass fibrations

The main goal of this short paper is to prove the existence of rank 2 simple and special Ulrich bundles on a wide class of elliptic surfaces: namely, on regular Weierstrass fibrations $$\pi :

Characterization of Ulrich bundles on Hirzebruch surfaces

In this work we characterize Ulrich bundles of any rank on polarized rational ruled surfaces over $${\mathbb {P}^1}$$ P 1 . We show that every Ulrich bundle admits a resolution in terms of line

Ulrich bundles on the degree six Segre fourfold

Ulrich Bundles on Veronese Surfaces

It is a longstanding problem to determine whether the d-uple Veronese embedding of \({\mathbb {P}}^k\) supports a rank r Ulrich bundle. In this short note, we explicitly determine the integers d and

Equivariant Ulrich bundles on flag varieties

In this paper, we study equivariant vector bundles on partial flag varieties arising from Schur functors. We show that a partial flag variety with three or more steps does not admit an Ulrich bundle

Examples of surfaces which are Ulrich–wild

We give examples of surfaces which are Ulrich-wild, i.e. that support families of dimension $p$ of pairwise non-isomorphic, indecomposable, Ulrich bundles for arbitrary large $p$.

Ulrich bundles on smooth projective varieties of minimal degree

We classify Ulrich vector bundles of arbitrary rank on smooth projective varieties of minimal degree. In the process, we prove the stability of the sheaves of relative differentials on rational



Representation Type of Rational ACM Surfaces $\boldsymbol{X\subseteq\mathbb{P}^4}$

The goal of this work is to determine the representation type of any smooth rational ACM surface in ℙ4 by constructing large families of simple Ulrich bundles of arbitrary rank. It turns out that,

ACM bundles on cubic surfaces

In this paper we prove that, for every r = 2, the moduli space MsX (r; c1,c2) of rank r stable vector bundles with Chern classes c1 = rH and c2 = 1/2 (3r2 - r) on a nonsingular cubic surface X ? P3

The representation type of Segre varieties

The representation type of rational normal scrolls

The goal of this paper is to demonstrate that all non-singular rational normal scrolls $$S(a_0,\ldots ,a_k)\subseteq \mathbb P ^N$$, $$N =\sum _{i=0}^k(a_i)+k$$, (unless $$\mathbb P ^{k+1}=S(0,\ldots

Stability of homogeneous bundles on P3

AbstractWe study the stability and the simplicity of some homogeneous bundles on P3 by using the quiver associated to homogeneous bundles introduced by Bondal and Kapranov in [3]. In particular we

On the Cohen-Macaulay modules of graded subrings

We give several characterizations for the linearity property for a maximal Cohen-Macaulay module over a local or graded ring, as well as proofs of existence in some new cases. In particular, we prove

Boij–Söderberg Theory

In this article we start with a survey of the recent breakthroughs concerning Betti table of graded modules over the polynomial ring and cohomology tables coherent sheaves on projective space. We

Resultants and Chow forms via exterior syzygies

Let W be a vector space of dimension n+ 1 over a field K. The Chow divisor of a k-dimensional variety X in P = P(W ) is the hypersurface, in the Grassmannian Gk+1 of planes of codimension k+1 in P,

Combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry : the Abel symposium 2009

The Cone of Betti Diagrams of Bigraded Artinian Modules of Codimension Two: M.Boij, G.Floystad.- Koszul Cycles: W.Bruns, A.Conca, T.Romer.- Boij-Soderberg Theory: D.Eisenbud, F.-O.Schreyer.- Powers