author={Gorjan Alagic and Catharine Lo and Phanuel Chuka Hakwendenda},
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Lower bounds for Maass forms on semisimple groups
Let $G$ be an anisotropic semisimple group over a totally real number field $F$. Suppose that $G$ is compact at all but one infinite place $v_{0}$. In addition, suppose that $G_{v_{0}}$ is
Some properties of $\{k\}$-packing function problem in graphs
The recently introduced $\{k\}$-packing function problem is considered in this paper. Special relation between a case when $k=1$, $k\ge 2$ and linear programming relaxation is introduced with
3D simulation of microfluidic biosensor for SARS-CoV-2 S protein binding kinetics using new reaction surface design
3D finite element simulations on the binding reaction kinetics of SARS-CoV-2 S protein and its corresponding immobilized antibody in a heterogeneous microfluidic immunoassay showed that the detection time of one of the biosensors can be improved by 69% under an applied voltage of 10 Vrms and an operating frequency of 100 kHz.
Accessing DEMP and DVCS at Backward Angles above the Resonance Region
The proposed measurement is a dedicated study to investigate the exclusive electroproduction process: 1 H ( e, e ′ p ) X , in the backward angle above the resonance region. Here, the produced
Albanese maps for open algebraic spaces
. We show that for each algebraic space that is separated and of finite type over a field, and whose affinization is connected and reduced, there is a universal morphism to a para-abelian variety. The
Atomistic modeling of spin and electron dynamics in two-dimensional magnets switched by two-dimensional topological insulators
To design fast memory devices, we need material combinations which can facilitate fast read and write operation. We present a heterostructure comprising a two-dimensional (2D) magnet and a 2D
C$^3$ Demonstration Research and Development Plan
Mei Bai6, Tim Barklow6, Ankur Dhar6, Ram C. Dhuley2, Chris Doss9, Joseph Duris6, Auralee Edelen6, Claudio Emma6, Josef Frisch6, Annika Gabriel6, Spencer Gessner6, Carsten Hast6, Arkadiy Klebaner2,
Combined Spectroscopy and Electrical Characterization of La:BaSnO$_3$ Thin Films and Heterostructures
For La-doped BaSnO 3 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition, we combine chemical surface characterization and electronic transport studies to probe the evolution of electronic states in the band
Dendritic spine morphology regulates calcium-dependent synaptic weight change
It is found that despite the stochastic nature of the various calcium channels, receptors, and pumps, spine size and shape can modulate calcium dynamics and subsequently synaptic weight updates in a deterministic manner.