#SocialJournalism: Local News Media on Twitter

  title={\#SocialJournalism: Local News Media on Twitter},
  author={Kelly Marie Meyer and Tang Roger Tang},
  journal={International Journal on Media Management},
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A content analysis of 4,507 tweets from 60 local news organizations in the United States was conducted to examine Twitter strategies used by the local news industry. Results indicate that local news organizations in the United States mainly used Twitter as an additional platform for news dissemination. While local TV stations and newspapers differed significantly in their use of tweet structures, content, and strategies, both followed the similar practices of their traditional media portals. In… 
Social Media News: A Comparative Analysis of the Journalistic Uses of Twitter
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    Central European Journal of Communication
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The article investigates media organizations’ strategies to adapt to the new media ecology in which Twitter is renewing traditional news-production routines. Two main strategies are identified: a
News Company's Link Sharing on Twitter as Informative Advertising and Content Signaling
  • Chankyung Pak
  • Business, Computer Science
    CHI Extended Abstracts
  • 2017
Using an economic model, a hypothesis that news companies are likely to share news articles with non-controversial topics to signal for their unshared news is suggested.
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This study examined how news organizations employed Twitter as a news source, based on information subsidy and gatekeeping perspectives. News content analysis from 7 major media entities in 2010–2011
With the continuing disparity between male and female mentions in news content, this study seeks to compare how news organizations employ men and women in Twitter feeds and how that connects to
Can Twitter Replace Newswire for Breaking News?
It is indicated that Twitter reports the same events as newswire providers, in addition to a long tail of minor events ignored by mainstream media, indicating that the value that Twitter can bring in a news setting comes predominantly from increased event coverage, not timeliness of reporting.
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Scholarship about social media in general, and Twitter in particular, has increased dramatically in recent years as adoption by individuals and institutions has burgeoned; especially by journalists
What is Twitter, a social network or a news media?
This work is the first quantitative study on the entire Twittersphere and information diffusion on it and finds a non-power-law follower distribution, a short effective diameter, and low reciprocity, which all mark a deviation from known characteristics of human social networks.
How are newspaper companies using social media to engage and connect with their audiences? characteristics and forms of Korean newspapers’ YouTube use
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Twitter has become a major instrument for the rapid dissemination and subsequent debate of news stories, and comprehensive methodologies for systematic research into news discussion on Twitter are