#BlackLivesMatter: black celebrity hashtag activism and the discursive formation of a social movement

  title={\#BlackLivesMatter: black celebrity hashtag activism and the discursive formation of a social movement},
  author={Spring-Serenity Duvall and Nicole Heckemeyer},
  journal={Celebrity Studies},
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ABSTRACT The #BlackLivesMatter, or #BLM, movement was founded in 2012 by Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors, and Alicia Garza after George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin. The hashtag was first used on the social media platform Twitter to call attention to the injustice of the situation. Many celebrities have taken up the hashtag and used their own social media accounts to draw attention to the movement. This is different from past forms of celebrity activism in that it… 
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