"We Need a Woman in Music": Exploring Wikipedia's Values on Article Priority

  title={"We Need a Woman in Music": Exploring Wikipedia's Values on Article Priority},
  author={M. Houtti and Isaac Johnson and Joel Cepeda and Soumya Khandelwal and Aviral Bhatnagar and Loren G. Terveen},
  journal={Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction},
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Wikipedia---like most peer production communities---suffers from a basic problem: the amount of work that needs to be done (articles to be created and improved) exceeds the available resources (editor effort). Recommender systems have been deployed to address this problem, but they have tended to recommend work tasks that match individuals' personal interests, ignoring more global community values. In English Wikipedia, discussion about Vital articles constitutes a proxy for community values… 

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