"We Know What the Problem Is": Using Oral History to Develop a Collaborative Analysis of Homelessness from the Bottom Up

  title={"We Know What the Problem Is": Using Oral History to Develop a Collaborative Analysis of Homelessness from the Bottom Up},
  author={Daniel R. Kerr},
  journal={The Oral History Review},
  pages={27 - 45}
  • Daniel R. Kerr
  • Published 1 January 2003
  • Sociology
  • The Oral History Review
Abstract Using audio, video, and radio interviews, the Cleveland Homeless Oral History Project (CHOHP) has sought to foster the development of a collaborative analysis of homelessness from the bottom up. Designed to overcome problems with traditional academic research on homelessness, CHOHP explicitly seeks to share research with those living on the streets and in the shelters in Cleveland, Ohio and involve homeless people in the process of analysis. Rather than focusing on the personal… 

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Homelessness in the United States is identified as a social problem (Amster, 2008; Gowan, 2010; Marvasti, 2003; Stern, 1984). It receives attention from social service agencies, local and national

“We’re all on the same boat, but we’re not the same passengers”: an exploration of the hidden and fragmented nature of the homeless subject

The subject of homelessness is one that has been covered extensively in social scientific research. Yet, it continues to remain hidden and fragmented, even to those researchers who have had

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