"Venom" of the slow loris: sequence similarity of prosimian skin gland protein and Fel d 1 cat allergen

  title={"Venom" of the slow loris: sequence similarity of prosimian skin gland protein and Fel d 1 cat allergen},
  author={S. Krane and Y. Itagaki and K. Nakanishi and P. Weldon},
  • S. Krane, Y. Itagaki, +1 author P. Weldon
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Naturwissenschaften
  • Bites inflicted on humans by the slow loris (Nycticebus coucang), a prosimian from Indonesia, are painful and elicit anaphylaxis. Toxins from N. coucang are thought to originate in the brachial organ, a naked, gland-laden area of skin situated on the flexor surface of the arm that is licked during grooming. We isolated a major component of the brachial organ secretions from N. coucang, an approximately 18 kDa protein composed of two 70–90 amino-acid chains linked by one or more disulfide bonds… CONTINUE READING
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