"Tolkien in Oxford" (BBC, 1968): A Reconstruction

  title={"Tolkien in Oxford" (BBC, 1968): A Reconstruction},
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On 30th March 1968, from 9.50–10.35pm,1 BBC2 aired the latest episodes of its TV documentary series Release (which aimed to explore “the world of films, plays, books, art, and music”). A colour production, which was strikingly new for its time (BBC2 was in fact the first TV channel globally to broadcast in colour), it consisted of two programmes: the first, titled “Suddenly I know what I have to do . . . ,” studied the English sculptress Barbara Hepworth, and the second (longer) episode was… 
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The Theological Meaning of Tolkien’s “Death as a Gift”


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and other contributors who have allowed me access to various documents related to the programme. O’Sullivan has also written two blog postings of relevance https://fiddlersdog
  • blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/tolkien-in-oxford.html and https:// fiddlersdog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-rescue-of-tolkien-inoxford.html,
  • 2014
1870–1945), Merton Professor from 1920 until his death
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so could not have been a source for The Lord of the Rings, but Tolkien instead, using an in-vogue philosopher, is perhaps attempting to show the universality and contemporary relevance of his work
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Tolkien in Oxford
  • (BBC,
  • 1968
Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford (1916–1925) and then Professor of English at the University of Chicago
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science fiction writer, student at Merton (1934– 1938), and then librarian at Leeds and Liverpool Universities
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1861–1922), the first holder of the Chair of English Literature at Oxford
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who graduated from Leeds in 1924, finishing his PhD in 1926
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