"This Little Thing That Is Europe"

  title={"This Little Thing That Is Europe"},
  author={Rodolphe Gasché},
  journal={CR: The New Centennial Review},
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The question of Europe is not merely one question among others. It is, rather, as Jacques Derrida remarks at the beginning of The Other Heading: Reflections on Today’s Europe, “a question that will always be of current interest.” If this topical question is raised today in Europe in the face of, or under the pressure of, “some imminence” (that is, of something that is occurring now at this very moment), then it is because it is a question that poses itself now and is therefore of some urgency… 

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Prompted by the unification of Europe in 1992 and by recent events in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, Jacques Derrida begins this compelling essay on contemporary world politics with the issue

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The essays collected here provide English-speaking readers with a lucid and accessible introduction to the world of France's leading contemporary philosopher. A classic student textbook.

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