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"The diencephalon of Ptilocercus lowii (pen-tailed tree-shrew)".

  title={"The diencephalon of Ptilocercus lowii (pen-tailed tree-shrew)".},
  author={R. M. Simmons},
  journal={Journal fur Hirnforschung},
  volume={20 1},
  • R. M. Simmons
  • Published 1979
  • Medicine
  • Journal fur Hirnforschung
  • The pen-tailed tree-shrew (Ptilocercus lowii) has been regarded by Le Gros Clark (1926), and Martin (1968) to possess more primitive morphological and to a certain extent, neuro-anatomical characteristics than the other tree-shrew species belonging to the sub-family Tupaiinae. Investigations have been carried out on the diencephalon of Ptilocercus lowii which has not been completely done by Le Gros Clark and other workers since 1926, to find out whether the diencephalon has actually undegone… CONTINUE READING
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