"The Way to Freedom"

  title={"The Way to Freedom"},
  author={Ekaterina Zavershneva},
  journal={Journal of Russian & East European Psychology},
  pages={61 - 90}
  • Ekaterina Zavershneva
  • Published 2010
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Russian & East European Psychology
  • This article precedes publication of Lev Vygotsky's October 1932 notebook from the family archive of Gita Vygodskaya (the scholar's daughter). These notes are a unique historical document: they mark a major theoretical shift in Vygotsky's research program owing to the birth of the idea of a semantic structure of consciousness. The notes include the plan of a book on the problems of consciousness, which was supposed to be a large-scale answer to the methodological crisis in European psychology… CONTINUE READING
    Lev Vygotsky: Philologist and Defectologist, A Sociointellectual Biography
    • 12
    • Highly Influenced
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    Revisionist Revolution in Vygotskian Science: Toward Cultural-Historical Gestalt Psychology
    • 30
    • PDF
    Natural History of the Sign
    Toward an Organic Theory for the Cultural-Historical Sciences
    Ethics in Socio-cultural Psychologies


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