"The Sea Common to All": Maritime Frontiers, Port Cities, and Chinese Traders in the Southeast Asian Age of Commerce, ca. 1400–1750

  title={"The Sea Common to All": Maritime Frontiers, Port Cities, and Chinese Traders in the Southeast Asian Age of Commerce, ca. 1400–1750},
  author={Craig A. Lockard},
  journal={Journal of World History},
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The maritime frontier has played a key role in shaping the coastal peoples of Southeast Asia and South China, whose settlements were often more easily reached by water than over land, while serving to link these regions to the wider world. This article explores the maritime frontier from central China through the Malay Peninsula as a single field of interaction, sometimes compared to the Mediterranean, in the early modern era (1400–1700) through a study of three key ports: Melaka in Malaya, Hoi… 


From the earliest centuries, there is evidence of the participation of various communities in the Southeast Asian region in global trade between Europe, India and China. One of its components was

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In mainland Southeast Asia, the so-called water frontier unified an otherwise geographically broad and culturally disparate economic network of long-, medium-, and short-distance trade of the


This article focuses on recent revisionist scholarship demonstrating that China's maritime history in the period 1500 to 1630 is no longer a case of ‘missed opportunity’, a viewpoint fostered by

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Chapter 1 The Water Frontier: An Introduction Part 2 Part I: Permeable Frontiers: Chinese Trade and Traders in the Region Chapter 3 Chinese Trade and Southeast Asian Economic Expansion in the Later

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List of Maps - Preface - List of Abbreviations - Notes on the Contributors - Introduction A.Reid - Mainland-Archipelagic Parallels and Contrasts, c.1750-1850 V.Lieberman - ECONOMIC CHANGES - A New

Southeast Asia in the early modern era : trade, power, and belief

  • A. Reid
  • History, Economics
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1997
The political and religious identities of Southeast Asia were largely formed by the experiences of the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries, when international commerce boomed before eventually

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