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"The Kingdom of God is Within You" Christianity Not as a Mystic Religion but as a New Theory of Life

  title={"The Kingdom of God is Within You" Christianity Not as a Mystic Religion but as a New Theory of Life},
  author={Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi and Constance Black Garnett},
ion the state, which enslaves each individual in the name of the will of all, who would all, taken individually, desire exactly the opposite of what they will be made to do. "And if it were only a generation that must be sacrificed! But there are graver interests at stake. "The paid politicians, the ambitious statesmen, who exploit the evil passions of the populace, and the imbeciles who are deluded by fine-sounding phrases, have so embit tered national feuds that the existence of a whole race… Expand
Leo Tolstoy's Anticlericalism in Its Context and Beyond: A Case against Churches and Clerics, Religious and Secular
In the last thirty years of his life, Leo Tolstoy wrote numerous books, essays and pamphlets expounding his newly-articulated views on violence, the state, the church, and on how to improve the humanExpand
True Religion, Mystical Unity, and the Disinherited: Howard Thurman and the Black Social Gospel
The black social gospel leaders that came of age in the 1920s and ’30s were long on graduate degrees, simmering anger, racial justice ambition, and lecture circuit eloquence. most of them alreadyExpand
‘If Grandma had Whiskers … ’: Could the Anti-Bolsheviks have won the Russian Revolutions and Civil Wars? Or, the Constraints and Conceits of Counterfactual History
Recent decades have seen a conspicuous flowering of counterfactual or ‘virtual’ history, nurtured by a fecund mulch of post-modernist critiques of empiricism, the vulnerability of Marxist history (asExpand
Violence and “Counter-Violence”. On Correct Rejection. A Sketch of a Possible Russian Ethics of War Considered through the Understanding of Violence in Tolstoy and in Petar II Petrović Njegoš
The article’s intention is to construct a possible minimal response to violence, that is, to describe what would be justified (necessary or legitimate) “противонасилие” (counter-violence). ThisExpand
“The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man”: The Social Gospel Interracialism of the Southern Sociological Congress
Scholars have long debated the nature and extent of the social gospel movement’s influence on southern religion. The Southern Sociological Congress’ (SSC) rhetoric and actions demonstrated theExpand
St. Francis in Soho: Emmeline Pethick, Mary Neal, the West London Wesleyan Mission, and the Allure of “Simple Living” in the 1890s
An 1894 biography of St. Francis of Assisi was a milestone in the lives of two young urban missionaries. They were “Sisters of the People” at the dynamic and progressive Wesleyan Methodist WestExpand
Military Resistance to Humanitarian War in Kosovo and Beyond: An Ideological Explanation
Abstract : North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) success in the Balkan conflict overshadowed Pentagon resistance to military intervention in Kosovo. Using the new institutionalism, contentExpand
Ideology and politics of Dimitrije Ljotić and the ZBOR movement
The main focus of this thesis focuses on deconstructing and analysing the evolution of the different aspects of Dimitrije Ljotic’s ideological formation to show its relationship to his ZBOR movementExpand
Gandhi’s Devotional Political Thought
The political thought of Mohandas K. Gandhi increasingly has been used as a paradigmatic example of hybrid political thought that developed out of a cross-cultural dialogue of Eastern and WesternExpand
Union and Disunion in the Nineteenth Century
This volume examines the nineteenth century not only through episodes, institutions, sites and representations concerned with union, concord and bonds of sympathy, but also through moments ofExpand