"The High Minded Honourable Man": Honor, Kinship, and Conflict in the Life of Andrew Jackson Donelson

  title={"The High Minded Honourable Man": Honor, Kinship, and Conflict in the Life of Andrew Jackson Donelson},
  author={Mark Renfred Cheathem},
  journal={Journal of the Early Republic},
  pages={265 - 292}
  • M. Cheathem
  • Published 10 May 2007
  • History
  • Journal of the Early Republic
Andrew Jackson Donelson and James K. Polk approached the President's Mansion after taking their evening constitutional. Donelson had not been a sociable companion. His thoughts had been on his uncle, Andrew Jackson, and the many times that the two of them had walked this same path as President Jackson had pondered the "prominent events of his administration." Donelson contemplated what had changed in his life since the shrubbery, which he had passed on previous strolls years ago, had matured… 
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