"The Foundation of All Future Researches": Franz Boas, Native American Texts, and the Construction of Modernity

  title={"The Foundation of All Future Researches": Franz Boas, Native American Texts, and the Construction of Modernity},
  author={Charles L. Briggs and Richard W. Bauman},
  journal={American Quarterly},
  pages={479 - 528}

All-healing weapon: the value of Oplopanax horridus root bark in the treatment of type 2 diabetes

This book presents a meta-analyses of the determinants of infectious disease in eight operation rooms and shows clear patterns of disease progression that are consistent with those in the literature on infectious disease and wound care.

Boas and Boasians, once again

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    Reviews in Anthropology
  • 2022

Renegades or liberals? Recent reflections on the Boasian legacies in American anthropology

The past few years have seen a noticeable uptick in the publication of works in the history of anthropology (see, for example, Blackhawk and Wilner, 2018; Bruchac, 2018; Darnell and Gleach, 2017,

Assembling ‘Enduring Peoples,' mediating recognition: Anthropology, the Pascua Yaqui Indians, and the co-construction of ideas and politics

ABSTRACTThis article compares the concurrent development of Edward Spicer’s theory of ‘enduring peoples’ and his political support for the federal recognition of the Pascua Yaqui Indians of Souther...

Undocumented Theater

  • Decolonizing Ethnography
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The Brothers Grimm : From Enchanted Forests to the Modern World

Preface to the 2002 Edition Preface to the 1988 Edition Once There Were Two Brothers Named Grimm: A Reintroduction Biographical Sketch Origins and Reception of the Tales Dreams of a Better Bourgeois

A guide to B.C. Indian myth and legend : a short history of myth-collecting and a survey of published texts

Boas, Teit, Hill-Tout, Barbeau, Swanton, Jenness, the luminaries of field research in British Columbia, are discussed here in A Guide to B.C. Indian Myth and Legend, and their work in Indian folklore

Franz Boas, Edward Sapir, and the Americanist Text Tradition

SUMMARYThe collection of native texts was foundational to the practice of Boa-sian anthropology and linguistics because it preserved for posterity the understanding of a culture by its members — not

The nationalization and internationalization of folklore: the case of Schoolcraft's Gitshee gauzinee'

En retracant le procede de contextualisation et de recontextualisation qu'a fait subir H. R. Schoolcraft a une nouvelle ojibwa « Gitshhe Gauzinee » en la transcrivant et en la traduisant, l'A.

Tradition, genuine or spurious.

LIKE MANY SCHOLARLY CONCEPTS, "tradition" is at once a commonsense and a scientific category. In its commonsense meaning, tradition refers to an inherited body of customs and beliefs. In the social

The folklore text : from performance to print

Preface 1. Introduction The Problem Methodology and Organization Significance 2. The Development of the text in American Folkloristics The Ethnolinguistic Model of the Text The Literary Model of the

Folklore's Nature and the Sun's Myth

AN OUTGOING PRESIDENT SHOULD TAKE NOTE of the state of the discipline; a hometown boy should take note of his own state. I speak to you [tonight) in both roles. That we meet in Portland is for me a