"The Forgetfulness of Sex": Devotion and Desire in the Courtship Letters of Angelina Grimke and Theodore Dwight Weld

  title={"The Forgetfulness of Sex": Devotion and Desire in the Courtship Letters of Angelina Grimke and Theodore Dwight Weld},
  author={Robert K. Nelson},
  journal={Journal of Social History},
  pages={663 - 679}
In his love letters to Angelina Grimke in 1838, Theodore Dwight Weld did something one would not expect from a man courting a woman: he repeatedly desexed his fiance in his rhetoric (and at moments even imaginatively remade her into a man) by conflating her with a male friend of his, Charles Stuart. Lacking contemporary examples of egalitarian marriages to emulate, the abolitionist couple repeatedly invoked their close homosocial friendships as models for the heterosexual marriage they hoped to… 
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