"The ERA Is a Moral Issue": The Mormon Church, LDS Women, and the Defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment

  title={"The ERA Is a Moral Issue": The Mormon Church, LDS Women, and the Defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment},
  author={Neil J. Young},
  journal={American Quarterly},
  pages={623 - 644}
  • N. Young
  • Published 3 October 2007
  • History
  • American Quarterly
This article examines the role of the Mormon Church in the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment during the 1970s. While the historiography of the ERA has largely concentrated on the role of Phyllis Schlafly and Southern fundamentalists in defeating the proposed constitutional amendment, this article argues that the Mormon Church played a critical role in stopping the ERA in states as diverse as Utah, Nevada and Virginia. In doing so, the Mormon Church proved itself a formidable, if… 
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has been approved by the Examining Committee for the thesis requirement for the Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies at the May 2014 graduation. and all those beyond the veil who love me and
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