"The Asiatic Black Man": An African American Orientalism?

  title={"The Asiatic Black Man": An African American Orientalism?},
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A View from Beale Street
“I’ve been watching with interest the reaction of the white folks of this section regarding the sinking of that U.S. gunboat, Panay,” Nat D. Williams told the readers of his syndicated column, aExpand
“Path(s) of Remembrance: Memory, Pilgrimage, and Transmission in a Transatlantic Sufi Community”
Author(s): Carter, Youssef Jaison | Advisor(s): Ferme, Mariane | Abstract: The Mustafawiyya Tariqa is a regional spiritual network that exists for the purpose of assisting Muslim practitioners inExpand
"Those Who Say Don't Know and Those Who Know Don't Say": The Nation of Islam and the Politics of Black Nationalism, 1930-1975
Black Notes on Asia: Composite Figurations of Asia in the African American Transcultural Imagination, 1923-2013
Black Notes on Asia: Composite Figurations of Asia in the African American Transcultural Imagination, 1923-2013 sheds new light on the hitherto neglected engagements of African American writers andExpand
Strategic solidarity: Japanese imaginings of Blacks and race in popular media
By the twentieth century, Black intellectuals envisioned Japan as a beacon of their own possibilities. Japanese perceptions of this bond are typically implicitly assumed in most research on theExpand
Lifted Out of the Commonplace Grandeur of Modern Times: Reappraising Edward Wilmot Blyden's Views of Islam and Afrocentrism in Light of His Scholarly Black Christian Orientalism
Although the West Indian–born West African intellectual Rev. Edward Wilmot Blyden praised the societies of Africa and the Orient, he was actually a lifelong Christian whose thought followedExpand
"I Saw You Disappear with My Own Eyes": Hidden Transcripts of New York Black Israelite Bricolage
To date, scholars have tended to view Black Israelites as mercenary, derivative, or imitative. However, this microhistorical reading of the public, partial, and hidden transcripts of New York RabbiExpand


An original man : the life and times of Elijah Muhammad
Elijah Muhammad (1897-1975), born Elijah Poole, dreamed of living a better life than his slave ancestors. However, by the time he arrived in Detroit in 1923, the bitter hatred and lynchings of theExpand
Orientalism and the Modern Myth of "Hinduism"
Is there really a single ancient religion designated by the catch-all term 'Hinduism' or is the term merely a fairly recent social construction of Western origin? This paper examines the role playedExpand
Islam in the African-American Experience
Introduction. What Shall We Call Him: Islam and African-American Identity I. Root Sources 1. Muslims in a Strange Land: African Muslim Slaves in America 2. Pan-Africanism and the New American Islam:Expand
In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam
In the Name of Elijah Muhammad tells the story of the Nation of Islam—its rise in northern inner-city ghettos during the Great Depression through its decline following the death of Elijah Muhammad inExpand
Satokata Takahashi and the Flowering of Black Messianic Nationalism
ABSTRACTDuring World War II, some 125 African Americans were arrested for resisting the draft or for exercising seditious behavior. The twenty or so persons held on the more serious charges includedExpand
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(1994). Voting in Exile: South Africans in the United States Discuss the May Elections. The Black Scholar: Vol. 24, Mandela for President, pp. 28-32.
Deep Orientalism? Notes on Sanskrit and Power Beyond the Raj,
  • Garvey exhorted his followers , “ Up , you might race , you can accomplish what you will . ” See Edward Cronon , Black Moses
  • 1993