"State Shinto" in Recent Japanese Scholarship

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Murakami Shigeyoshi’s 村上重良 Kokka Shintō 国家神道, published in 1970 by Iwanami Shoten, has had a tremendous impact on subsequent understandings of its subject: the current widely held view that a discrete ideology called Kokka Shinto (State Shinto) actually existed in Japan until the conclusion of World War II was quite likely shaped by Murakami’s work, an inexpensive, popular paperback (shinsho) that has been continuously reprinted over the years. As most readers are aware, the term “State Shinto… 


State Shinto and Religion in Post-War Japan
State Shinto and the Religious Structure of Modern Japan
Many Japanese are feeling uneasy not only with the word "religion" but also with the word "Shinto," especially the term "State Shinto." The present author will explain the academic confusion
State Shinto in the Lives of the People: The Establishment of Emperor Worship, Modern Nationalism, and Shrine Shinto in Late Meiji
Taking the lead from Helen Hardacre's scholarship as well as recent postcolonial theory, this article seeks to delineate new terms in the longstanding debate over State Shinto. It traces the
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