"Star of the East": The Holy Alliance and European Mysticism

  title={"Star of the East": The Holy Alliance and European Mysticism},
  author={Andrei Zorin and Daniel L. Schlafly},
  journal={Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History},
  pages={313 - 342}
The document creating the Holy Alliance, described by the French publicist Abbé Dominique de Pradt as “the apocalypse of diplomacy,” is one of the most enigmatic treaties in the history of international relations. No wonder that time and again researchers have scrutinized both the preparations for and the conclusion of the treaty. We can assume that the basic factual picture of the events has been clear for a long time. The memoirs of participants and witnesses paint a sufficiently complete and… 

Napoleon Bonaparte and Apocalyptic Discourse in Early Nineteenth‐Century Russia

Leo Tolstoy's great epic novel War and Peace begins in 1805 with an ominous salon conversation in which Napoleon Bonaparte is likened to the Antichrist for his increasingly expansionist policies in



Romantics,Reformers,Reactionaries: Russian Conservative Thought And Politics In The Reign Of Alexander I

An exploration of conservatism in Russian thought, politics and culture at the start of the 19th century. Tracing origins of conservative ideology through a range of sources, it shows how the

The Russian word used is dobrodetel′. Translator's Note

    See Grigorii L′vovich Arsh, I. Kapodistriia i grecheskoe natsional′no-osvoboditel′noe dvizhenie

    • 1976

    Oblako nad sviatilishchem