"Stückelberg interferometry" with ultracold molecules.


We report on the realization of a time-domain "Stückelberg interferometer", which is based on the internal-state structure of ultracold Feshbach molecules. Two subsequent passages through a weak avoided crossing between two different orbital angular momentum states in combination with a variable hold time lead to high-contrast population oscillations. This… (More)

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@article{Mark2007StckelbergIW, title={"St{\"u}ckelberg interferometry" with ultracold molecules.}, author={Michaela Mark and Tanja Kr{\"a}mer and Philipp Waldburger and Jens Herbig and C. Chin and H-C N{\"a}gerl and R. Grimm}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2007}, volume={99 11}, pages={113201} }