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"Spirorbis" z jeziornych osadów węglonośnego karbonu niecki śródsudeckiej

  title={"Spirorbis" z jeziornych osad{\'o}w węglonośnego karbonu niecki śr{\'o}dsudeckiej},
  author={K. Mastalerz},
"SPIRORBIS" FROM LACUSTRINE DEPOSITS OF THE COAL-BEARING CARBONIFEROUS OF THE INTRASUDETIC DEPRESSION (SW POLAND) Summary A new fiding of fossil fauna from the coal-bearing Żacler Formation (Westphalian) of the Intrasudetic Basin (SW Poland) is being reported. The fiding comprises over 80 moulds, mostly external, and impressions of spiral tubes, which display subtle ridges on their surfaces (Figs 1, 2). Diameters of the spirals range from 0.4 to 2.2 mm. The fossils show bimodal size… Expand
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Mikrokonchidy - ma³o znana grupa kopalnych organizmów i ich wystêpowanie w górnym karbonie Górnego Œl¹ska
The microconchids described here occur in association composed of both adult and juvenile individuals, and the juveniles, however, dominate, what may indicate they have died due to some stress conditions (high rate of deposition and/or low oxygen content in the water). Expand
The ‘Spirorbis’ problem revisited: Sedimentology and biology of microconchids in marine-nonmarine transitions
Abstract ‘Spirorbis’ worm tubes, described from the geologic record spanning the Silurian through the Middle Jurassic, have been assigned freshwater to brackish to marine affinities. Now interpretedExpand