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"Spirits are the Problem": Anthropology and Conceptualising Spiritual Beings

  title={"Spirits are the Problem": Anthropology and Conceptualising Spiritual Beings},
  author={J. Hunter},
This paper examines a variety of different theoretical perspectives on the nature of spiritual beings from within the discipline of anthropology. It takes a broadly historical perspective, outlining the development of key approaches from the earliest pioneers to the present day. It is argued that reductive explanatory models fail to account for the complexity of spiritual beings as social agents, especially in the context of the author's own research into contemporary trance mediumship. It is… Expand
"¿Dónde creen que van?": Una etnografía sobre la comunicación tras la muerte en madres huérfilas
Grieving processes in our society have been a subject of study in all the disciplines attached to the psychological sciences, while anthropology has only devoted its efforts to the ritual practicesExpand


"Between Realness and Unrealness": Anthropology, Parapsychology and the Ontology of Non-Ordinary Realities
This article presents an overview of the fields of transpersonal anthropology, the anthropology of consciousness and, the most recent development in this lineage, paranthropology. After outlining theExpand
Talking with the spirits: Ethnographies from between the worlds [Introduction]
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Beyond Belief: Ethnography, the Supernatural and Hegemonic Discourse
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Jung as philosopher: archetypes, the psychoid factor, and the question of the supernatural
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The Social Life of Spirits
Spirits can be haunters, informants, possessors, and transformers of the living, but more than anything anthropologists have understood them as representations of something else - symbols thatExpand
Talking With the Spirits
Anthropological approaches to the study of spirit mediumship groups, and related practices, have usually tended to focus on social-functional interpretations, arguing that spirit mediumship groupsExpand
Boundaries of Anthropology: Empirics and Ontological Relativism in a Field Experience with Anomalous Luminous Entities in Argentina
SUMMARY Experiences that do not fit within the perspective of what is “real” for anthropologists are systematically excluded from ethnographic analysis, in spite of the teachings of relativism. EvenExpand
Anthropology and Parapsychology: Still Hostile Sisters in Science?
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Interview with an ancestor
A B S T R A C T ■ This article explores the relationship between spirit possession, politics and subjectivity. Based on an account of two possession ceremonies on the island of Ternate in easternExpand
Whither Psi and Anthropology? An Incomplete History of SAC's Origins, Its Relationship with Transpersonal Psychology and the Untold Stories of Castaneda's Controversy
This essay (written by Mark in dialogue with Stephan and including supporting commentary by Stanley Krippner and others1) is not a comprehensive survey of psi and anthropology, nor does it contain aExpand