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"SCINDA-Iono" toolbox for MATLAB: analysis of ionosphere scintillations

  title={"SCINDA-Iono" toolbox for MATLAB: analysis of ionosphere scintillations},
  author={Tatiana Barlyaeva and Teresa Barata and Anna L. Morozova},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
Here we present a "SCINDA-Iono" toolbox for the MATLAB. This is a software to analyze ionosphere scintillation indices provided by a SCINDA GNSS receiver. The toolbox is developed in the MATLAB R2018b. This software allows to preprocess the original data and analyze ionosphere scintillations on the 1-minute and 1-hour time scales both for averaged over all available satellites values and separately for each receiver-satellite pair. 

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