"S.P.E.R.M." (seminal proteins (are) essential reproductive modulators): the view from Drosophila.

  title={"S.P.E.R.M." (seminal proteins (are) essential reproductive modulators): the view from Drosophila.},
  author={Mariana F Wolfner},
  journal={Society of Reproduction and Fertility supplement},
The seminal fluid that females receive from their mates contains a suite of proteins that have important effects on sperm, as well as on reproduction in general. Seminal proteins are vital for the fertility of mating animals in several diverse taxonomic groups. For example, in Drosophila melanogaster, the approximately 70-106 accessory gland proteins (Acps) that are a major part of the seminal fluid are essential for the storage and utilization of sperm, as well as for increasing egg production… CONTINUE READING

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