"Russian Blonde in Space": Soviet Women in the American Imagination, 1950-1965

  title={"Russian Blonde in Space": Soviet Women in the American Imagination, 1950-1965},
  author={R. Griswold},
  journal={Journal of Social History},
  pages={881 - 907}
  • R. Griswold
  • Published 1 June 2012
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Social History
This essay examines three different stereotypes of Soviet women in a variety of American publications during the early years of the Cold War. Each stereotype served a different cultural need as Americans grappled with the reality of the emerging Cold War. One prevalent discourse argued that the ills of communism were inscribed on the bodies of Soviet women, bodies inevitably described as graceless, shapeless, and sexless. The body, and the fashions and make-up that adorned it, became symbols of… Expand
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