"Regeneration--Now and Evermore!": Mormon Polygamy and the Physical Rehabilitation of Humankind

  title={"Regeneration--Now and Evermore!": Mormon Polygamy and the Physical Rehabilitation of Humankind},
  author={B. Carmon Hardy and B. Carmon Dan Erickson},
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LA T T E R D A Y S A I N T B E L I E F in polygamy, although introduced in the 1830s and 1840s, was not publicly defended until the church relocated from the Midwest to the Great Basin. Its practice by thousands of Mormons in the late nineteenth century may have constituted the largest prescribed departure from traditional monogamy in Western civilization since the Middle Ages.1 Determined to present their views as persuasively as possible, church leaders commenced a campaign in 1852 to… 
On the Mormon Question: Race, Sex, and Polygamy in the 1850s and the 1990s
her preface to Mrs. T. B. H. Stenhouse's 1875 autobiography "Tell It All": The Story of a Life's Experience in Mormonism, Harriet Beecher Stowe pairs chattel slavery and Mormon polygamy as the two
Chaste Polygamy: Mormon Marriage and the Fantasy of Sexual Privacy in East Lynne and Verner’s Pride
Victorian sensation fiction is usually regarded as an indigenous product, circulating a set of anxieties about bigamy, divorce, and remarriage that have been persuasively correlated to important
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‘World literature’, if it denotes something more meaningful than simply the literature not published in ‘my’ country, might refer to a type of writing that attempts a global perspective on events and
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Discussions of polygamy in the contemporary United States often draw heavily on parallels to the struggles of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals for legal and cultural recognition.
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This article argues that inaccurate perceptions of Muslim and Mormon sexual and political deviance merged to help fuel a sustained anti-Mormon campaign in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century
Defining and Identifying Multi-bonding
  • 2018
Non-monogamous relationships can take any number of forms, including, but not limited to, serial pair-bonding (known most frequently as serial monogamy), polygamy, polyandry, communal living, and
To Belong as Citizens: Race and Marriage in Utah, 1880-1920
To Belong as Citizens: Race and Marriage in Utah, 1880–1920


In his famous Manifesto of 1890, Mormon church president Wilford Woodruff called for an end to the more than fifty-year practice of polygamy. Fifteen years later, two men were dramatically expelled
Between Progress and Apocalypse: A Reassessment of Millennialism in American Religious Thought, 1800-1880
A spate of recent scholarship confirms that Coxe's was indeed a hymn for the times. The images of the book of Revelation that inspired his song were virtually ubiquitous among nineteenth-century
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Victorian America was a society of infinite sexual complexity. It simultaneously spawned both the loose and vigorous sexuality of the frontier and the repression of Edith Wharton's New York. It
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This essay deals with the ideological range and boundaries of that portion of "advice literature" which dealt with sexuality.
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In the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century, it was widely assumed that society ought to foster the breeding of those who possessed favourable traits and discourage the breeding of those
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The Shakers, once a radical religious sect whose members were despised and harassed by their fellow Americans, have in recent years become celebrated--and sentimentalized--for their communal way of
The Awesome Power of Sex: The Polemical Campaign against Mormon Polygamy
polygamy, most of them responded with an immediate, indignant, and negative response. A characteristic reaction was that of the Reverend L. H. Chamberlain, who in 1882 wrote that the sins of polygamy
Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry into its Laws and Consequences
Abstract“HEREDITARY GENIUS” was first published in 1869 and conies second in the series of works in which Galton's investigations on inheritance were given to the public, being preceded in 1865 by
Millenarian Scholarship in America
Fortunately, the conditions lamented by Mr. Brown in 1952 no longer persist. The appearance in the past decade of a number of studies in social and religious history emphasizing the importance of the
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Ernest Tuveson here shows that the idea of the redemptive mission which has motivated so much of the United States foreign policy is as old as the Republic itself. He traces the development of this