"Read, Pause, and Reflect!!"

  title={"Read, Pause, and Reflect!!"},
  author={William Huntting Howell},
  journal={Journal of the Early Republic},
  pages={293 - 300}
  • W. Howell
  • Published 28 April 2010
  • Art
  • Journal of the Early Republic
It is a peculiarly split view of human existence in which symbolizations of meaning operate in a closed universe of their own, divorced from the "real" facts of historical causation.1To foreground the stakes of my comment, I want to propose two modifications of Tip O'Neill's maxim, "All politics is local." First: All politics is literary. Whatever else it may be, ideology is in part the product of the artful deployment of language; words are necessary, if not always sufficient, structural… 
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Sabbath, Selah, and Fallow Ground: God’s Design to Keep Our Focus on Him
  • B. Winston
  • Philosophy
    Biblical Principles of Being an Employee in Contemporary Organizations
  • 2019
This chapter includes scripture and explanations of Sabbath along with the debate of whether or not the Sabbath was only as a covenant between God and the Jews or whether the commandment is for all


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