"One Indian and a Negroe, the first thes Ilands ever had": Imagining the Archive in Early Bermuda

  title={"One Indian and a Negroe, the first thes Ilands ever had": Imagining the Archive in Early Bermuda},
  author={Heather Miyano Kopelson},
  journal={Early American Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal},
  pages={272 - 313}
The early generations of enslaved and bonded Africans and Indians in Bermuda were essential to the functioning of the colony. But beyond their contributions to the colonial enterprise, they continued to practice the skills that connected them to spiritual entities whose power enabled them not only to comprehend their environment but also to affect it directly. In their initial approach to Bermudian shores, in fishing, processing manioc, thatching and weaving with parts of the palmetto tree, as… 
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