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"Nuculoida", "Arcoida" i "Mytiloida" "(Mollusca: Bivalvia)" del Pliocè de l'Empordà

  title={"Nuculoida", "Arcoida" i "Mytiloida" "(Mollusca: Bivalvia)" del Plioc{\`e} de l'Empord{\`a}},
  author={R. Dom{\'e}nech},
  • R. Doménech
  • Published 1986
  • Biology
  • In the present paper we describe and figure 5 species of Nuculoida, 5 of Arcoida and 2 of Mytiloida from the Pliocene of l'Emporda (Catalonia, Spain). When a sufficient number of individuals was reached, the description is accompanied with the following data: minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation and variance, related to length, height, width and number of costae. The regression curve and the correlation coefficient have been calculated for each pair of variables. 
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