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"Mysteries"of Modern Physics and the Fundamental Constants $c$, $h$, and $G$

  title={"Mysteries"of Modern Physics and the Fundamental Constants \$c\$, \$h\$, and \$G\$},
  author={William Stuckey and Timothy J. McDevitt and Michael Silberstein},
We review how the kinematic structures of special relativity and quantum mechanics both stem from the relativity principle, i.e., “no preferred reference frame” (NPRF). Essentially, NPRF applied to the measurement of the speed of light c gives the light postulate and leads to the geometry of Minkowski spacetime, while NPRF applied to the measurement of Planck’s constant h gives “average-only” projection and leads to the denumerable-dimensional Hilbert space of quantum mechanics. These kinematic… 


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I HAVE deferred my answer to the remarks of Mr. J. J. Murphy (NATURE, vol. xvi. p. 182) till now, in order to see if my letter of June 14 would cause more discussion. But it seems that my views are
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