"My Heart so Wrapt": Lesbian Disruptions in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction

  title={"My Heart so Wrapt": Lesbian Disruptions in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction},
  author={C. S. Woodward},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={838 - 865}
  • C. Woodward
  • Published 1 July 1993
  • Art
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
HE BIBLIOGRAPHIC ENTRY read, "Heroine is an apologist for women's rights," and so I ordered up The Travels and Adventures of Mademoiselle de Richelieu (Erskine 1744, 1:1-2).1 It was summer, and rain splattered on the high windows of the British Library's north reading room. Mademoiselle de Richelieu arrived: three tiny volumes, crumbling leather covers tied up with muslin ribbons. I opened volume one, trying not to sneeze from the dust. A thin ray of sun shone aslant my page from one window, as… 
Space Travel: The Connective Politics of Feminist Reading
  • M. Gwin
  • Art
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1996
5Y TE S T E R D AY I finished reading Rosellen Brown's Tender Mercies, a novel about a woman named Laura who becomes almost completely paralyzed when her husband accidentally runs over her in a boat
Sexual and Textual Indeterminacy: Eighteenth-Century English and Representations of Sapphism
It was always much more possible to be unaware that sexual relations between women existed in any form than it was to be ignorant of the existence of effeminate male sodomites, according to Randolph Trumbach.
Listening to the “Wives” of the “Female Husbands”
  • L. Smith
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Journal of lesbian studies
  • 2002
SUMMARY This article treats two of the central queer texts of eighteenth-century Britain, the autobiographical narrative of Charlotte Charke, a well-known cross-dressing actress who spent a portion
The Author’s Queer Clothes: Anonymity, Sex(uality), and The Travels and Adventures of Mademoiselle de Richelieu
In his famous Practical Criticism: A Study of Literary Judgment (1929), the critic I. A. Richards rebuked hundreds of smart Cambridge students, “products of the most expensive kind of education,” for
Outlaw Readings: Beyond Queer Theory
  • S. O'driscoll
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1996
-T :H E R E L AT I O N of queer theory and lesbian and gay studies has been a site of contention from the moment queer began to be used to define a field of critical study. In the special issue of
Defeminizing and Dehumanizing Female Murderers
Abstract Case studies of the 35 women on death row in 1993 suggest that hetero-feminine image is important in engendering chivalry and thus leniency toward female offenders. Lesbians in particular
The Representation of Female Desire in Early Modern Pornographic Texts, 1660-1745
  • M. Mourão
  • Medicine, Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1999
L'A. montre de quelle maniere les premiers textes pornographiques modernes envisagent et mettent en scene le plaisir et la sexualite feminine. Elle passe en revue les livres pornographiques, publies


The Cult of Womanhood in Eighteenth-Century Thought
IN EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY LITERATURE and letters there occurred a dramatic change in the image of woman and in associated ideas on marriage and the family. The misogyny which had characterized
Dancing through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism
Had anyone the prescience, ten years ago, to pose the question of defining a "feminist" literary criticism, she might have been told, in the wake of Mary Ellmann's Thinking About Women,' that it
The Autobiographical Subject: Gender and Ideology in Eighteenth-Century England
'Co-recipient of the American Association for Eighteenth-Century Studies' Louis Gottschalk Prize' "Acutely analyzes the construction of gendered character in canonical British autobiographical texts
Clarissa, or, The history of a young lady
How Clarissa, in resisting parental pressure to marry a loathsome man for his money, falls prety to Lovelace, is raped and dies, is the bare outline of a story that blossomed in all directions under
Zero Degree Deviancy: The Lesbian Novel in English
1. The number of texts about lesbians, by lesbians and nonlesbians, is unclear. There are about twenty-three hundred entries in Gene Damon and Lee Stuart's The Lesbian in Literature: A Bibliography
Fanny Hill : Or, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
Forced by the death of her parents to seek her fortune in London, Fanny Hill is duped into prostitution by an old procuress. In Mrs Brown's bawdy-house the naive young woman begins her sexual
Masquerade and Civilization: The Carnivalesque in Eighteenth-Century English Culture and Fiction
Public masquerades were a popular and controversial form of urban entertainment in England for most of the eighteenth century. They were held regularly in London and attended by hundreds, sometimes
The Muses of Resistance: Laboring-Class Women's Poetry in Britain, 1739-1796
Acknowledgements Preface 1. Sensibility and slavery: the discourse of working women's verse 2. The resignation of Mary Collier: some problems in feminist literary history 3. An English Sappho
A Desire of One’s Own: Psychoanalytic Feminism and Intersubjective Space
The question of woman’s desire actually runs parallel to the question of power. We have often had cause to wonder whether the feminist focus on personal life, and for that matter the preoccupation
Annie Leclerc Writing a Letter, with Vermeer
In 1981 Critical Inquiry, one of the elite American journals of literary criticism and theory, published a feminist issue, edited by Elizabeth Abel. That issue whose title is "Writing and Sexual