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"Mission Invisible" - Rethinking the Canadian Diaspora

  title={"Mission Invisible" - Rethinking the Canadian Diaspora},
  author={Kenny Zhang},
ISSN 1481-0433 * Kenny Zhang is a Senior Research Analyst at the Asia Pacifi c Foundation of Canada specializing in China’s economic development. Mr. Zhang received his B.A. and M.A. degrees in economics from Fudan University, China and the Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands, respectively. His research focus is on CanadaChina trade and investment relations, labour migration and employment of immigrants. He previously worked as associate research professor at the Shanghai Academy of… 
Transnational entrepreneurs: Characteristics, drivers, and success factors
Recent literature considers the significance and determinants of transnational entrepreneurship arising from the immigrant communities. However, empirical evidence remains fragmented, largely due to
“Middling” Chinese Returnees or Immigrants from Canada? The Ambiguity of Return Migration and Claims to Modernity
Abstract: This paper investigates the conceptual overlaps between transnational return migration and immigration by drawing on a qualitative study of Mainland Chinese return migration from Canada.
Transnational Migration in the Age of Globalization: Chinese Canadians in Beijing
Fuelled by forces of globalization, China has gradually shifted from a centrally planned economy to one of a socialist market economy since the adaptation of its ‘open door’ policy in 1978. In
Engaging emigrants: a study of the Australian diaspora in the United States of America.
identification with Australia as home is only one way to gauge continued association with Australia. Transnational connections maintained with other Australians living in the US, and with Australia,
Transnational Networks and Identifications of Australia's Diaspora in the USA
A contemporary global situation fuelling highly skilled, temporary and circular mobility and transnational migration experiences has led to increasing interest from origin countries in understanding
Out-Migration of Canadians Between 1996 and 2006: Evidence from Canadian Censuses
Comparing Research Data Centre (RDC)'s 20% Confidential Sample of Canadian Censuses 1996, 2001, and 2006, this paper models and measures whether, how many, and who of Canadians and Canadian landed
Volume 52, number 1, March 2006, comprises four essays. Details of the papers can be found in the abstracts. Two papers examine aspects of the Trinidadian socio-cultural reality with Lomarsh
The Application of the Mindfulness Framework to the Study of Intercultural Competence
THE APPLICATION OF THE MINDFULNESS FRAMEWORK TO THE STUDY OF INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE Sébastien J.R.J. Houde Dr. Serge Desmarais University Of Guelph, 2014 Advisor Although a growing body of evidence


Margin of Error
Margin of Error is a half of the length of a 95% confidence interval. Keywords: confidence intervals; sampling; opinion polls
Recognizing the Canadian Diaspora,
  • Canada Asia Commentary No. 41. Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • 2006