"Mass defect" tags for biomolecular mass spectrometry.

  title={"Mass defect" tags for biomolecular mass spectrometry.},
  author={Michael P Hall and Siamak Ashrafi and Imad Obegi and Robert Petesch and Jeffrey N Peterson and Luke V. Schneider},
  journal={Journal of mass spectrometry : JMS},
  volume={38 8},
We present a new class of "mass defect" tags with utility in biomolecular mass spectrometry. These tags, incorporating element(s) with atomic numbers between 17 (Cl) and 77 (Ir), have a substantially different nuclear binding energy (mass defect) from the elements common to biomolecules. This mass defect yields a readily resolvable mass difference between tagged and untagged species in high-resolution mass spectrometers. We present the use of a subset of these tags in a new protein sequencing… CONTINUE READING

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