"Look at Us Now!": Scrapbooking, Regimes of Value, and the Risks of (Auto)Ethnography

  title={"Look at Us Now!": Scrapbooking, Regimes of Value, and the Risks of (Auto)Ethnography},
  author={Danille Elise Christensen},
  journal={Journal of American Folklore},
  pages={175 - 210}
  • D. Christensen
  • Published 22 September 2011
  • Sociology
  • Journal of American Folklore
By the early 2000s, scrapbook construction in the United States had shifted from a relatively private mode of assemblage into a visible practice bolstered by robust marketing and public venues for creation and display. But today's scrapbooks often also perform the value of activities long characterized as ephemeral, mundane, and private by recasting them—using archival-safe products and visual documentation—as durable, artistic, and public. In effect, these books perform everyday lives… 

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