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"Killing Mie Softly": Analytic Integrals for Resonant Scattering States

  title={"Killing Mie Softly": Analytic Integrals for Resonant Scattering States},
  author={Ross C. McPhedran and B.Stout},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
We consider integrals of products of Bessel functions and of spherical Bessel functions, combined with a Gaussian factor guaranteeing convergence at infinity. Explicit representations are obtained for the integrals, building on those in the 1992 paper by McPhedran, Dawes and Scott. Attention is paid to those sums with a distributive part arising as the Gaussian tends towards a constant. Taking this limit provides explicit analytic formulae for integrals which are difficult to evaluate… 

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