"It's time, you must wake up now".

  title={"It's time, you must wake up now".},
  author={Peretz Lavie and Arie S Oksenberg and Jacob Zomer},
  journal={Perceptual and motor skills},
  volume={49 2},
Seven subjects who claimed to be able to awake accurately from sleep at a predetermined time were required to awake in the sleep laboratory at 03:30 and 05:30 on two separate nights. Eight of the 12 spontaneous awakenings were within +/- 20 min. from the target time, and 8 awakenings were from REM sleep. The two best performing subjects were tested for additional 7 nights in the laboratory but accuracy deteriorated considerably with only 2 awakenings within +/- 20 min. from target time… CONTINUE READING

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