"In vitro" 3D models of tumor-immune system interaction.

  title={"In vitro" 3D models of tumor-immune system interaction.},
  author={Christian Hirt and Adam Papadimitropoulos and Valentina Mele and Manuele Giuseppe Muraro and Chantal Mengus and Giandomenica Iezzi and Luigi Maria Terracciano and Ivan Martin and Giulio Cesare Spagnoli},
  journal={Advanced drug delivery reviews},
Interaction between cancer cells and immune system critically affects development, progression and treatment of human malignancies. Experimental animal models and conventional "in vitro" studies have provided a wealth of information on this interaction, currently used to develop immune-mediated therapies. Studies utilizing three-dimensional culture technologies have emphasized that tumor architecture dramatically influences cancer cell-immune system interaction by steering cytokine production… CONTINUE READING

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