"I Don't Want to Have Sex as A Woman": A Qualitative Study Exploring Sexuality and Sexual Practices of Drag Queens in Germany.

  title={"I Don't Want to Have Sex as A Woman": A Qualitative Study Exploring Sexuality and Sexual Practices of Drag Queens in Germany.},
  author={Anna Theresa Schmid and Shahin Payam},
  journal={Journal of homosexuality},
Drag queens are typically gay men who perform as caricature-like women. They thereby publicly challenge "naturally" binary gender role categories, though it remains unclear how that interplays with their private (e.g., sexual) lives. This study seeks to answer this question by exploring the sexuality and sexual practices of drag queens. Employing a critical realist approach, ten semi-structured interviews were conducted in Germany, with questions focusing on the drag queens' views on sexuality… 


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