"He Was Sort of a Joke, In Fact": Ernest Hemingway in Spain

  title={"He Was Sort of a Joke, In Fact": Ernest Hemingway in Spain},
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While Hemingway had a close devotion to things Spanish throughout his life, he was at times ridiculed by Spaniards for what some perceived as his pretensions as a bullfighting insider and poor ability to speak Spanish. José Castillo-Puche, friend and biographer of Hemingway, said that by the end of his life, "Ernesto was no longer a fascinating figure to people in Spain; he had become a sort of joke, in fact" (20). Through scrutiny of Hemingway's cultural forays into Spanish society—in language… 
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Current Bibliography
[The current bibliography aspires to include all serious contributions to Hemingway scholarship. Given the substantial quantity of significant critical work appearing on Hemingway’s life and writings
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