"Feminism is Socialism, Liberty, and Much More:" Second-Wave Chilean Feminism and its Contentious Relationship with Socialism

  title={"Feminism is Socialism, Liberty, and Much More:" Second-Wave Chilean Feminism and its Contentious Relationship with Socialism},
  author={Marcela R{\'i}os Tobar},
  journal={Journal of Women's History},
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El tránsito de estudiantes universitarias hacia el feminismo

This article presents the results obtained from interviews with eleven feminist students at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico who have participated actively in denouncing various acts of

“Taking the Nature Out of Mother”: From Politics of Exclusion to Feminisms of Difference and Recognition of Rights

This study presents examples of people and institutions that used maternalism to frame political projects and defined motherhood as a biologically determined, natural, and universalist category.

Michelle Bachelet: Engendering Chile’s Democratization

Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s first woman president, concluded her first term in office (2006–2010) with an 84 percent approval rating but was constitutionally prevented from seeking immediate

Message from the state: Uncovering effects of public policy on women's movements in chile and the Czech Republic

This study relies on the cases of the Czech Republic and Chile to examine the ways in which state policies affect women‘s movements‘ emergence under both authoritarian and democratic political

Female Politicians in Chile: Unfolding the Meanings and Implications for Chilean Politics in the Twenty First Century

The aim of this thesis is to unfold the meanings and implications of female politicians in Chile in the twenty-first century. Based on interviews with Chilean politicians and employing a methodology

Women's Rights in Democratizing States: Contents

  • D. Walsh
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2010

Women's Rights in Democratizing States: Just Debate and Gender Justice in the Public Sphere

Part I. Just Debate: 1. Democratization and just debate 2. Just debate in the public sphere 3. Probing and testing just debate Part II. Just Debate in Democratizing States: 4. Just debate denied:



Chile en el siglo XX

Cultures Of Politics/politics Of Cultures: Revisioning Latin American Social Movements

* Introduction: The Cultural and the Political in Latin American Social Movements Sonia E. Alvarez, Evelina Dagnino, and Arturo Escobar. The Cultural Politics Of Citizenship, Democracy, And The State

The Women's Movement in Latin America: Feminism and the Transition to Democracy

Women's movements and gender politics in the Brazilian transition, Sonia E. Alvarez the challenge of constructing civil peace - women and democracy in Argentina, Maria del Carmen Feijoo putting

Socialist Feminism in Latin America

The women's movement around the world takes many stances, including women's rights, feminism, women's research, women's auxilaries of political and religious organizations and socialist feminism.

Feminisms in Latin America: From Bogotá to San Bernardo

I N THE LAST DECADE, North American and Western European feminist scholars have become increasingly aware of Latin American women and their political activism. Yet this awareness has by no means

Encountering Latin American and Caribbean Feminisms

In what follows we explore the key axes of debate that produced coalition and controversy consensus and conflict encuentros and desencuentros among the diverse currents of the Latin American

For a discussion of this see: Giselle Munizaga & Lilian Leterier

  • Mundo de Mujer: Continuidad y Cambio
  • 1988

Feminist Anti-Authoritarian Politics: The Role of Women's Organizations in the Chilean Transition to Democracy

  • The Women's Movement in Latin America: Feminism and the Transition to Democracy
  • 1991

Working papers Women in International Development

  • 1982

Feminist Anti-authoritarian Politics: The Role of