"Everything Is out of Place": Radclyffe Hall and the Lesbian Literary Tradition

  title={"Everything Is out of Place": Radclyffe Hall and the Lesbian Literary Tradition},
  author={Gillian Whitlock},
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‘We’ve called her Stephen’
espanolEste articulo tiene como objetivo contribuir a la interseccion aun en gran parte inexplorada de la traduccion y las identidades no cisgenero a traves de una comparacion de tres reediciones deExpand
Le Sale comme ressort d'une éthique de l'altérité dans les romans de Radclyffe Hall
Montrer comment Radclyffe Hall construit la notion de Sale dans ses romans et comment cette notion affecte la relation aux autres et a soi des personnages. Proposer une rehabilitation de RadclyffeExpand
Drag’s Double Inversion: Insufficient Language and Gender Performativity in The Well of Loneliness and Nightwood
ABSTRACT Contemporary critics often object to the outdated, binary representations of gender and sexuality present in two of the earliest lesbian novels, The Well of Loneliness and Nightwood, arguingExpand
Othello's Sister: Racial Hermaphroditism and Appropriation in Virginia Woolf's Orlando
Like any writer worth her salt, Virginia Woolf had a gift for first sentences. Her most fanciful novel, Orlando (1927), begins: "He--for there could be no doubt of his sex, though the fashion of theExpand
Stable Identity: Horses, Inversion Theory, and The Well of Loneliness
In the afterword to a collection of essays on The Well of Loneliness, Terry Castle conjures up the figure of Radclyffe Hall dribbling a bas­ ketball in the Greatest Lesbian Writers of the WorldExpand
"I Made Up My Mind to Get It": The American Trial of The Well of Loneliness, New York City, 1928-29
FROM DECEMBER 1928 TO APRIL 1929, New York City attorneys, courts, and the public pondered “sex matters,” “a delicate social problem,” and “one woman’s fight for social adjustment despiteExpand
Hard Times and Heartaches
ABSTRACT This paper considers recent critical responses to Rad-clyffe Hall's 1928 novel The Well of Loneliness. While Hall's portrayal of mannish invert Stephen Gordon has had a troubled reception inExpand


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This essay grew out of an earlier one called "The Mythic Lesbian and the New Woman: Power, Sexuality and Legitimacy," written with Carroll Smith-Rosenberg and presented by us at the BerkshireExpand
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