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"Enfans De L'amérique": Configuring Creole Citizenship in the Press, 1793

  title={"Enfans De L'am{\'e}rique": Configuring Creole Citizenship in the Press, 1793},
  author={Aletha D. Stahl},
  journal={The Journal of Haitian Studies},
The January 15, 1793 issue of Le moniteur general de la partie francaise de Saint-Domingue published new verses for the "Hymne des Marseillais" - the now-famous national anthem of France. In the addition, an anonymous author, listed simply as "a Creole" summons "children of America" and "citizens" to arms, then echoes a couplet from the original song: "Let a tainted blood quench our furrows" ["... qu'un sang impur, /Abreuve nos sillons"]. In subsequent couplets, the author addresses "Creoles… Expand
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