"Crazy paving appearance" on high resolution CT in various diseases.

  title={"Crazy paving appearance" on high resolution CT in various diseases.},
  author={Satoru Murayama and Junji Murakami and Hidetaki Yabuuchi and Hiroyasu Soeda and Kouji Masuda},
  journal={Journal of computer assisted tomography},
  volume={23 5},
PURPOSE The purpose of this work was to demonstrate the variety of causes of crazy-paving appearance (CPA) on high resolution CT (HRCT). METHOD To identify cases exhibiting CPA (ground-glass opacity with superimposed interlobular septal thickening and intralobular interstitial thickening) on HRCT, we prospectively searched for them over a period of 29 months. RESULTS We identified 10 cases of CPA on HRCT, including 4 Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, 1 alveolar proteinosis, 1 usual… CONTINUE READING


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