"Coming Out of the Shadows": DREAM Act Activism in the Context of Global Anti-Deportation Activism

  title={"Coming Out of the Shadows": DREAM Act Activism in the Context of Global Anti-Deportation Activism},
  author={Laura Corrunker},
  journal={Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies},
  pages={143 - 168}
  • Laura Corrunker
  • Published 11 July 2012
  • Sociology
  • Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
This Article, based on ethnographic fieldwork with an undocumented, youth-led immigrant rights organization, explores undocumented youth activism in the United States in relation to global anti-deportation movements. The strategies that undocumented youth utilize in their fight for the DREAM Act, a bill that creates provisions for certain undocumented youth to legalize their status, are compared with examples of anti-deportation activism outside the United States. In comparing the DREAM Act… 
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